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Emily 4 days ago


There aren't many breweries that i would drive 2 states away for, however Hidden Cove is the top of the list. We regularly take the ttip from MA to ME for their rotation of specialty beer list we cannot get at the packie in MA. Jali is always my go-to. From the first moment i tasted it, it reminded me of a summer garden in beer form. That same sweet sour smell, warm sun on your face, and the birds chirping. And with just a hint of jalapeno heat, it is beyond perfectly created!

Andrewjshay 27 days ago


I may have tried every beer during the three days we were in Maine. All extremely good. Bought a bunch to take home and as gifts. Movie theater is close by so we drank beers and walked over to catch a movie. Great location. A+++++++

Himmel about 1 month ago

Abdominus Imperial Stout


Brandi about 2 months ago

Demon Fire

We stopped by in late October on our way to Portsmouth. The beer was great and the atmosphere was laidback. They have seating and TV's along with games on one side. They also have a great merchandise area. The bartender was so friendly and helpful. We shared a couple of flights, but the Demon Fire was my absolute favorite. We will stop again when we are in the area.

Jacypohl 2 months ago

Bucko's Hoppy Brown Ale

With the cooler weather here, I tend to go dark like 4:30 with my beer. The problem is that browns, winter beers, porters, and stouts are quite malt forward and leave me missing out on that cherished hop bite. I've been looking for weeks for a hoppy brown ale and finding nothing but carbon copies of whatever is "hot" right now. I am so thankful to Hidden Cove for breaking out and making the only hoppy brown I see on the shelves. I've been a big fan of Hidden Cove Brewing Co from the beginning and that never has changed. Thank you again!!

W 2 months ago


I love this beer, it is smooth tasting not to heavy. It is a dark beer. I live in Connecticut and I don't get to visit the very friendly staff at Hidden Cove so I stock up before I leave to enjoy the beer while I am away.

Aphelps71 2 months ago

Thunder Clap Double IPA

Always a pleasure when I get to Wells, to make Hidden Cove my first stop! I buy Thunder Clap in local stores when I the double IPA. Hoppy and with the citrus flavor is what I love!

Susan 2 months ago

Summer Ale

What a wonderful place. Very cozy bar area with great drafts and knowledgeable staff. Nice family room with games and live music.

Mollie 3 months ago


If you like spice and flavor and this is the beer for you. I tried it months ago and it was my instant favorite. Everytime my husband and I visit Maine we both stock up on our favorites to take back to NY with us. They brewery itself is great, free popcorn, table and card games a cute gift shop with cozy sweatshirts and sometimes they have live music. They have tables and a bar to sit at and the bartenders are friendly. Clean bathrooms too! Im so glad we found this gem of a place.

Jeremy 3 months ago

Demon Fire

Spent a well in Wells this summer and stopped at Hidden Cove every night, stayed right acres the street, can't wait to go back. We bought a bunch of beers to go, the demon fire was simply amazing. Something so different I wasn't sure about it. I enjoy all of their beers!

Ithomashow 4 months ago

Patroon IPA

Nice IPA not to hoppy 6 percent ABV nice No after taste

Jdquist89 5 months ago


Absolutely exquisite. A truly unique and dynamic beer. A sip of this fine craft beer starts off sour and refreshing and ends with exciting notes of jalapeño unlike anything you have tried before. Don't leave the brewery without trying one of these gems. Cheers!

Matt 5 months ago


Very surprising mouth feel and afterburn, one of my favorites.

Mikala 5 months ago

Booty Raspberry Golden Ale

What a great beer; everything you want it to be. Not too fruity, and a great switch from all the mango and blueberry beers that are gaining popularity. Also, besides the great taste, the name and can are epic, makes for a full booty in my eyes! Cheers mateys.

Cokereferee 5 months ago

Summer Ale

Great place, good service good atmosphere but most important great beer. Highly reccomend.

Erik 6 months ago


Jalapeno? In a beer?? Who knew this could possibly work!? Ok, so the brewmaster at HCB did - and he was right!! We were actually laughing out loud as we worked our way through the amazing combinations in this awesome beer 😁😁😁 The only downsides were that thw pub was out of bottles, and the AAC is too high for growlers - just means we'll be heaimg back to Wells in the fall!!

Irvsteltz 6 months ago


This is an excellent porter

Carly 6 months ago

Bouillon Sour Blueberry Ale

Each year my family and I travel back to our routes in Wells and for the past two we've enjoyed making a trip to Hidden Cove (now that we're all over 21). This year I went with the Sour Blueberry and it was AMAZING. It brought me back to eating Grandmas hand picked berries and of course the sour flavor just topped it all off! Thank you for a great time and great beer.

Nicole 6 months ago

Booty Raspberry Golden Ale

I tried the Booty Raspberry Golden Ale at a friend's house, which is what brought me into Hidden Cove Brewing to check out the other beers. The mango maiden is probably my favorite so far- nice and summery. My husband enjoyed the Patroon IPA. The atmosphere is great, and the service was friendly. We'll definitely be back!!

Irvsteltz 6 months ago

Abdominus Imperial Stout

Really great pure Imperial Stout - sad when it disappeared from the Tap list but luckily still in bottles

Cliffhodsoll 24 days ago


Perfect on a cool day to warm your soul. I usually get a small glass to sip while drinking a pint of whatever is on the rotating draft list.

Sobrien102 about 1 month ago


Great beer. Well balanced, and well crafted. Great job!

Ncanning725 about 1 month ago


Sour beer with a kick so delicious So happy I happened upon your brewery while on a quick over night in Maine 🥰

Prmgm about 2 months ago

Bucko's Hoppy Brown Ale

Reviews are tricky! Many times we read them - and wonder if they're on the money or not. And it gets even more questionable when either food or drink are involved. With that in mind, writing a review for Hidden Cove offered me an opportunity to comment, as an outsider, on their operation, demeanor - and of course beer. As we all know, there are so many beer outlets that make their own beer that it has actually become overkill. Personally, so many of them taste over-hoppy, ill-skilled - and well … green … simply released before their time. Then, one day - I walked into Hidden Cove. The footprint of the tap room-brew pub is seamless - from bar, to tables to extra-curriculars. And … wow - smiles on the faces of the help that can actually converse about the beers and their overall properties … not always the case elsewhere. Most of all - the flights that you can orchestrate are amazing in that whatever you choreograph into four five-ounce glasses completely mesh harmoniously with each other. Their regular ales - like pale or Bucko's brown nutty - are singular in taste, and have distinct personality from H'Cove's IPA's - which are ales in their own class with unique independence as well. Specialties like flavored, spiced and wheat brews are also over the top and make Hidden Cove a treasure-chest of excellence. Want to talk about the value of Hidden Cove – email me at So many micro's are available – but so few are memorable. Hidden Cove is one of the few that stands out.

Shannonlh13 2 months ago


Jali is a must have for any sour beer fan. With its spicy kick of jalapeño, it's a cold draft that will keep you warm all year long and leaving you craving more.

Crazcal 2 months ago


The Jali is my favorite here. If you like your beer with a kick, this one is for you. I always appreciate the unique flavors Hidden Cove puts out and their attention to quality is commendable too. Great beer. Great people.

Aphillips 2 months ago


Do you want a beer that makes you feel like you're snuggled up by the fireplace this winter? Look no further than Hidden Cove's Trinal! The hints of bourbon and red wine from the barrel-aging process shine through, and makes you feel warm and relaxed with every sip. One of my favorites from here, would recommend to all!

Mollydews 2 months ago

Booty Raspberry Golden Ale

Absolutely delish love this place so cute and home towny

Smc18241 3 months ago

Patroon IPA

Going up to Maine from NY for vacation is usually a semi annual thing for my wife and I, and I'm proud to say that stopping here is now part of that tradition. I was very happy to find this place and the wonderful patroon IPA. I'm not usually an IPA fan but this is hands down the best I have ever had. Not too heavy like many other IPA's and the flavoring is delicious. Whenever we head back home to NY I always bring some home with me. Wish they were in NY so I could have it all the time.

Arcangelnc 3 months ago


Hands down the best beer I've ever had! I brought some home to North Carolina and my family agreed. I wish we could get it here!!

Kurtmelendy 4 months ago

Thunder Clap Double IPA

Thunder clap is a great double IPA. Awesome flavor and brewed in on of my favorite places Wells MAINE !

Awalshcostello 5 months ago

Booty Raspberry Golden Ale

This is a great light ale! It is mildly fruity and has great drinkability. I could drink these all summer long. Definitely a crowd pleaser.

Dsmithweiss 5 months ago


A delightful porter. Smokier than most, which offsets the sometimes heavy bourbon barrel taste—while actually complimenting the wood and bourbon flavors. Ideally, get a honey dipped donut from Congdon's up the street and bring it to HCB. A wonderful pairing.

Quadcab61 5 months ago

Rotating Beer Tap

Madian mango is a must try after trying it for the first time i sas craving another. Went back and it was still as good ss the first time trying it.

Andy 6 months ago


I tried the Jali in a 4oz taster and I was blown away. I was very hesitant as most jalapeño beers are overly pickly tasting. However this benefited highly from the 10 year aging in the tequila barrel. They found a great balance with this one.

Hblanchette 6 months ago

Booty Raspberry Golden Ale

This is an amazing beer. It is not too fruity. Just enough rasberry to be refreshing. Beyond the beer we come back time and again for the friendly staff.

Cmhafey 6 months ago

Booty Raspberry Golden Ale

Loved this fruity beer. A nice change from the typical blueberry beers you see on a lot of brewery menus!

Bruinsfanboston1987 6 months ago

Booty Raspberry Golden Ale

Susan is an amazing manager/bartender. We had an amazing time on our anniversary at HIdden Cove. I highly recommend this brewery. The beer is absolutely delicious!

Carvingsbykurtz 6 months ago

Summer Ale

This summer ale really hit the spot! I was unfamiliar with Meyer Lemon until I tried some this winter just in water. The sweetness of this fruit with its lemon taste really makes this Summer Ale a winner to enjoy all summer!


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