Our Mission

Hidden Cove Brewing Co. aims to wow visitors with unique blends of ales, lagers, seltzers, and barrel aged beers, while experiencing an environment that encourages the savoring of flavors.

Our Vision

Create unique selections of beers while providing a location to engage with the local community and experience flavors from local farms.

Our Core Values

Quality: We use the only the highest quality ingredients we can purchase, we never use chemicals or additives in our beer. All our flavorings, fruits etc. are all real, trying wherever possible to use sustainable products.

Pride: We are proud of what we do and the people we have doing it. Our team is constantly striving to make our products better while maintaining the integrity of our brand.

Passion: It all starts with passion, we love what we do, our brewer is a scientist who loves brewing amazing beers and our owner is a chef who has dedicated his life to the restaurant industry. The raw energy in our brewery when we develop beers is electric. Our beers are born with passion. The great thing about passion is that it is infectious and you can see it in our brewery.

Dedication: The thing with dedication is that it's hard. Anyone can take the title at any time. Holding on to the title and being successful for long periods of time takes dedication. The ability to do it right every time over and over no matter what the circumstances. Dedication comes at a cost, the cost is long hours and a lot of oversight to maintain the quality and integrity of the brand.

Diversity: Bringing together a diverse group of people that share the same passion and dedication only leads to great things. The uniqueness that everyone brings to your brand is what makes you special and elevates you to new levels that are not attainable with a team of only like-minded individuals.

Giving Back: Without your local community, being successful isn't possible. Supporting your local community and being active in it speaks volumes as to who you are and how you are perceived as both a business and leader. I always opt for being a leader, someone that people are proud to work with and be a part of.