Harvest Bounty ISA

Every year during the hop harvest farmers and brewers anxiously calculate and wait for the right moment to pick their hops and correspondingly brew a harvest wet hopped beer.

We fermented this wheat based sessionable ale on Brettanomyces until fully attenuated re-fermented with honey After a long fermentation we gave it multiple doses of local fresh wet hops Juicy notes of mango papaya and citrus pair with the Brettanomyces earthy funk.
ABV  4%    IBU   45   FG   1.006
Grain   Pilsner, Wheat
Hops   Local-Fresh-Wet: Cascade, Centennial, Columbus, Northern Brewer,    Nugget, Willamette
Fermentation   Brettanomyces
Extra  Honey

Available at the Hidden Cove Brewery Tasting Room

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