Our Beer

At Hidden Cove we embrace the spirit of the pirate, a little off, unruly and wild. We brew the beer we enjoy drinking. Several wild strains and combinations of yeast are used in many of our beers to create a distinct product. We ferment a little longer and dryer as some of our strains fully attenuate. We believe in making beer as naturally and sustainably as possible. Our beer is unfiltered to showcase the full potential of our craft product. Our brewing style is developed from a combination of our travels and culinary backgrounds. We draw inspiration from historical practices of many cultures and their fermented beverages and we are focused on creating interesting and thought provoking beers building upon classic techniques with modern innovation. We are committed to always be improving and constantly learning as we hone our craft and culture. We believe that beer is alive and can be extremely complex even with the most simple ingredients and while some styles should be consumed fresh others can be cellered for years. The beer we brew should give you something to talk about, be it good, bad or ugly, if only momentarily.

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